I have loved photography from the moment I picked up my very first disposable film camera and filled it with obscure, undoubtedly blurry photos at summer camp. From that point on, my camera never left my hand. I preserved every moment big and small.

Chasing light has become my passion and capturing life, my purpose. Photography reminds us to slow down, to feel a moment, to cherish the people around us. I believe your photos are meant to be printed, framed, and placed on display. There is nothing quite like sitting on the floor quietly thumbing through an album, reminiscing and remembering the days gone by. I'm here to bottle those memories—your job is to live them.

illinois WEDDING & PORTrAIT PHOTOGRAPHER FOR dreamers and traditionalists

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I married my college sweetheart; a somewhat geeky, quasi-hipster, 6'9" basketball player who excels at trivia and obscure sports (yes, I'm referring to ping pong and bowling). We have three precious kids but don't bother asking us for any parenting advice because we're winging it. 

Our home is filled with love and toddler screams.


Listen, I know the texture isn't for everyone. But I for one, cannot pass a bubble tea shop without stopping for that big chunky straw and chewy tapioca goodness.

bubble tea

A blended 


If you know you know. It's the ultimate pre-wedding pump-up and editing soundtrack. My most frequented playlists include posty, hard rock, and CHH.
Try to explain it: you can't.

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blast that


I can spend hours at antique shops and secondhand stores, scanning the displays for timeless pieces with secret stories. I'm especially fond of 19th century craftsmanship and I live in a 1935 real life gingerbread house.



I would be lying if I didn't say that I feel a tinge of longing for the times when traveling by horse was the norm. They're majestic animals and I've been a rider since I was a child.


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“It was such a fun and low stress time. That alone was worth every penny- then we saw the photos. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Kayla to anyone.”


paige and cal



“Kayla knew exactly how to make us feel comfortable
in front of the camera. She is extremely talented and beyond enjoyable to work with.”

shay and andrew


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Photography has always been a love of mine. A photo is the one tangible thing that brings you back to a moment in the past. When you look back at photos, you have the chance to relive experiences that your mind has since forgotten. 
This is what I hope to achieve when photographing your wedding day or family portraits. Your photos are not meant to live on the screen in your hand. They're not for your instagram followers or strangers on the internet—though of course I love it when you share them. They're meant to be treasured by you and your family for years to come. They're meant to be held by your grandchildren as they ask stories about your life and legacy of love. My aim is to tell your story.


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